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Poster: rickyschmidt Date: Jan 21, 2005 9:28am
Forum: presidential_recordings Subject: Re: BUSH..

In no particular order:
1) I gave $60, I am a highschool student, my income last year was around $1,500.00.
1a) I am also the chair of a school wide fund-drive. Our goal is to beat the $24,000.00 raised last year for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.
2) I don't remember the exact words you used, but if Russia, Great Brittain, and the CIA unreliable sources, then who do you trust?
3) thank you, I kicked the exams ass.
4) I have considered forign study, but not for political resons, strictly to experience a new culture outside of a two week trip.
5) As far as not getting a declaration of war, the president was within the bounds of the war powers act, he reported within 48 hours, and was reevaluated within 60. also the US has only declared war four times within the last 270-odd years.
6) I don't know what you missed about my last statement, but the Indonesians don't want our troops there, they have set a March 26th departure date (see this link:
7) To reiterate, you don't want to send more troops to a country that does not want them. That may not send a good message to the rebel groups that have that distraught country in their grasp.

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Poster: C.Good Date: Jun 12, 2005 1:15pm
Forum: presidential_recordings Subject: Re: BUSH..

Hey everyone "They have to plant" But we have to power. So will march day and night by the big cooling tower they have the guns but we have the power" Lisa simpson.
But only if we work together. everyone in the drum circle ya know. So try your best and dont fret and keep the love respctufully
C.Good, south carolina